Looking At Your Own Mortality

Looking At Your Own Mortality

Dealing with your own mortality can be a challenging prospect, but approaching death doesn’t have to be an unpleasant or deeply distressing experience. With the right support and care, this sacred journey can be calm, peaceful and tranquil.

Although death is the only certainty in life, it can be a subject that people shy away from. Even following a decline in health, you may find that even your closest family and friends find it difficult to acknowledge what’s happening. Whilst making plans and remaining in control of your experience can be empowering and reassuring, this can be complicated if those around you feel unable to provide the practical or emotional support you may need.

Working with an end-of-life doula ensures you have continued access to care, support, and reassurance during your final days or hours. With prior planning, you and your end-of-life doula can make appropriate arrangements for your passing, including where you want to be in your final hours, how you would like the environment to look, feel or smell and whether you would like anybody else to be present.

What does an end-of-life doula do?

An end-of-life doula supports you through the sacred journey of death. As well as being with you during your final hours or days, a doula can also provide support in the weeks and months prior to end-of-life care. Whether you want to spend this time in quiet contemplation or doing as much as you can, an end-of-life doula can help you to prepare, emotionally and practically.

End-of-life doulas are committed to empowering people throughout their journey, whatever stage they’re at. If you’ve been recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, for example, you may want to discuss the dying process with an experienced professional who can provide all the information and support you need. Additionally, you may wish to work with a doula to create appropriate remembrances for your family, friends and loved ones.

Importantly, an end-of-life doula will also be with you during your final days or hours, providing compassionate and professional support throughout. Whilst an end-of-life doula provides comfort and reassurance to their client, they can also be an invaluable support for your family and friends too.

When is the right time to contact an end-of-life doula?

Your journey should be as unique as you are, so there are no set times at which you should contact a doula. In fact, you should feel able to get in touch with an end-of-life doula at whatever point feels right for you. Whether you want to talk with someone in the days, weeks or months leading up to your death, create lasting remembrances or plan your death, an end-of-life doula can provide the emotional reassurance and practical help you may need.

As death approaches, you may wish to have your end-of-life doula with you, to ensure your transition is peaceful and in-keeping with any prior arrangements you may have made. Committed to providing exceptional levels of support, reassurance, and comfort, an end-of-life doula can help you to approach the issue of your own mortality with clarity and calmness.