What My Clients Say

Adrian goes above and beyond expectations! She is trustworthy, honorable, creative, and resourceful! We literally see my 94 year old grandmother’s mood brighten when Adrian walks through the door. It is so important for our elders to know they can still engage with life while at the end of their physical presence. Adrian does that well with planning outings and activities and giving us grandchildren resources about how to improve her lifestyle. I 1000% recommend You Are Not Alone Elder Care to anyone who wants to see their loved ones enjoy themselves as they transition out of this life.

Atiya G.

We met Adrian at the time when my mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed to the point when we realized that we could not take care of her by ourselves and probably need help. My mom, as most of dementia patients, did not realize she could not stay alone in the house, and was totally opposed to the idea of a stranger in the house. My mom was used to taking care of so many people in her life, – family, friends that needed help, strangers that became friends… She could not comprehend that the time came when someone would take care of her… Luckily, we met Adrian. She came to our house for dinner, as a guest and friend, so my mom was not alarmed. And she was the first person who would stay with my mom for a few hours to give us a break and an opportunity to spend time as a family without leaving someone behind. Even though my mom’s English, not her mother tongue, is not great and became worse with dementia, Adrian always finds a way to talk to her, to do activities, to distract her from depressing thoughts that became common. My mom really becomes a different person when she sees Adrian. Adrian’s presence and help definitely changed our life: my mom was eased into the thought that someone else can be in the house and help her, without so much drama and protest that we were expecting. It also showed that there are incredibly kind, caring, sincere people in this world that accept old people, with all their problems and disabilities, as they are. Adrian is definitely the best representative of these incredible caregivers and companions! We are endlessly grateful for having Adrian in our lives!

Galina Z.

Adrian is so passionate about what she does as a caregiver! My sister and I knew from our first conversation with her that she would be just like another member of our family – someone who would engage our loved one the same way that we do and be a comforting, familiar presence right from the start. Adrian is an amazing listener and a great companion who customizes her care to exactly what is needed and more! She doesn’t back down from an adventure at all! She is very generous with helpful information and makes herself available for my many questions. For all of us, it was love at first sight with Adrian and we are thankful that she is with us.


Adrian has been a blessing to my family. Today it is not easy to trust others to care for loved ones. However Adrian is a rare jewel. She is consistently dependable, trustworthy and on time. She is very gentle and patient. Her words and actions are always aligned. When she advises she cares for her clients like they are her own family, it is evident in her work. She also ensures her clients enjoy their life no matter what stage they are in. She keeps them active and engaged. Thank you Adrian for your excellent service.


Adrian Allotey is a valued contributor at Caregiving.com. She brings important insight on the end-of-life experience to our caregiver community. I am thankful for her ongoing commitment to making sure that information about caring for someone through death and end-of-life decision-making are represented on our website. I have great admiration for Adrian’s work as a death doula.

Christina B

Adrian Allotey Founder of You are Not Alone Elder Care is one of the most compassionate and gifted practitioners I have ever met. Her combined expert knowledge mixed with her way of making you feel comfortable, cared for and secure- is pure magic. Anyone who is able to have Adrian caring for you or a loved one has been extremely blessed. Thank you Adrian, you are a gift to us all. XO

Suzanne B

I recommend Adrian. She is compassionate and caring. She is patient and loving. The exact type of person that our elders need to ensure a pleasant experience.


Adrian provides the best services for my elderly Aunt. She goes above and beyond what our family needs. Since my Aunt has Dementia it can be hard to find someone who can understand and anticipate her needs, Adrian is a pro at knowing exactly how to stimulate my Aunt's mind while providing a loving environment. My Aunt always has great comments about her special time with Adrian. I highly recommend her elder care services.

Shani B

Adrian is a very special person and the quality of care she provides her clients is excellent. I highly recommend her, her team and the service she provides.

Tanya Z

Adrian and her team are amazing! I highly recommend her. She was invaluable in assisting us with care for my father while he was ill. If I could give her a million stars on this review I would!


I personally know Adrian is passionate about what she does. She has a true gift in the loving care & interaction with her clients. In the event that I need elder care for a loved one I will be sure to call You Are Not Alone Elder Care.


Adrian is a blessing to my family. The minute I read her bio, I knew she would be a great fit. She is kind, compassionate, positive, and has become a friend to my mom, dad, and Aunt Patty. Whenever my parents need assistance, Adrian is there and ready to help. We are thrilled to have her! My parents never have to worry. Having Adrian in their lives gives them and myself a great sense of confidence and comfort. Can't ask for much more than that!


Adrian stood out for two reasons: her kind and smiling face, as well as the proximity to my parents. She has been a blessing from day one. Conscientious, kind, communicative, helpful, authentic, caring, and dedicated are just a few of the adjectives to describe Adrian. After only two weeks, she feels like a beloved family friend. We are grateful and blessed to have her in my parents lives.


Adrian is an extremely passionate, knowledgeable, supportive, compassionate and just all around wonderful person. She caters her services to the individual need of her clients. You Are Not Alone Eldercare services is a unique and beautiful service for loved ones and their families.


Adrian came into our lives when we really needed help caring for our mother who was dying of cancer and at home on hospice. Not only did she help us with home health care she is knowledgeable about the death process and was reassuring to us throughout. She came over right away and got started offering us assistance. She is generous, kind and caring and really knew what to do to help the difficult situation be less stressful. Her co-workers are also caring and knowledgeable and we appreciated the help they also offered. Adrian made a truly traumatic experience manageable for my mom and for us too. Thank you Adrian.

Kate F

It is a peace of mind when you hire a company that cares for your loved one as their own. YANAEC and their team love my 81 year old aunt and are sympathetic in her care especially that she is suffering Alzheimers. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.


As an employee of YANAEC, I have witnessed firsthand the compassion, dedication and commitment that the company has to serving the needs of the elder population. The patience, gentleness and specialized care that is provided by YANAEC's highly-trained and qualified staff, creates an atmosphere of safety, respect and comfort. You will have peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one(s) are in capable and loving hands.


Adrian is very attentive to my mother who has dementia! She talked, and played board games with her, and asked about family, helping my mother with her memory and encouraging her! She is friendly and kind, and helps my mother with physical help! I give her 5 stars!


Adrian has been a life savor to my parents as well as to my brothers and sisters. Her kindness and compassion are outstanding, she has such a gentle soul and looks after my parents like a member of our family. She is respectful of their privacy and we trust her with caring for our parents. We couldn't survive without her !!!

Diane P

I recommend Adrian! Knowledgeable and Compassionate.


She is a very beautiful woman who works as a companion to the elderly, and as an end of life doula: a calling that is truly noble and special. It is said that to hold a loving space for someone at their transition is an honor, a privilege and filled with grace; Adrian considers this to be so. The yogis tell us that the thoughts we hold as we leave our bodies have much to do with the journey beyond; to have someone like Adrian sit beside you or your loved one, taking care of the body and maintaining a loving place in the mind and heart is a gift for both you and them.


Adrian has been a blessing for my family. Her concern and warmth are a light of joy for my developmentally disabled sister who talks about Adrian's visits for days! We are so grateful for Adrian and cannot say enough good things about this very special person!

Christine P.

Working for You Are Not Alone Elderly Care is very rewarding. I get to provide genuine care to the elderly. My position allows me to treat them like a loving family member and to care for their needs whether by doing games, activities, light duties, personal care, preparing meals or just being a listening ear to their family stories. What a Great Feeling!! I am able to help the primary care givers to alleviate some of their stress.


Adrian is an excellent caregiver! She took care of my father's physical and emotional needs. She is deeply caring and was an excellent communicator with my dad and our family. I am forever grateful for her help and would definitely recommend her to anyone! Adrian is the most caring and responsible caregiver we had for my dad. She was able to handle all of his physical care, and she took time to talk with him each visit. She brightened his day, and we are so grateful for the loving care she gave my dad.

Barbara L

The care Adrian gave my father was excellent! She took care of him physically and emotionally. He used to say she's the best aide he ever had, and she really knows how to give a great bath. Adrian goes above and beyond with the level of care she gives and we are forever grateful!

Barbara B

The quality of elderly care that Adrian provides for my dad is exceptional. I believe that some people work because it is just a job, while others work out of their passion. Adrian works out of her passion to care for and be present with my dad. My husband and I are my father’s primary caregiver. My father had three strokes two years ago and requires a lot of day-to-day care to ensure that he has a good quality of life. Lately, my husband and I began to feel overwhelmed with taking so many days off of work to take my dad to his doctors’ appointments or therapy sessions, so we had to find a better way of balancing our lives. When my husband and I interviewed Adrian, there was such an immediate connection. She was professional but most importantly she connected with my dad. She has a natural ability to engage with and understand my dad’s felt needs. What I love about the service she provides is her interest in getting to know my dad, not just from a caregiver-to-patient relationship, but her interests lie in something far greater which is understanding my dad as a person and not a client. When she understood that my dad loves gospel songs or likes to eat ice cream or his love for his deceased wife, she was able to tap into that part of him that brings joy by engaging in his areas of interest. This was key to where my dad feels so comfortable in her presence; it is because Adrian works out of her passion. Personally, Adrian has become an extension of me when caring for my dad because she has his best interest at heart. Actually, she is like one of the family. Therefore, I recommend Adrian to anyone who is looking for “exceptional” care for their elderly loved one.

Acquinetta L.

How to Live Your Best Life While Facing End of Life” with Doula Adrian Allotey. The summit and session was on March 22, 2021. Death always seems so difficult to talk about. I had a family member that would not, under any circumstances, discuss anything that combined her and death. You can’t imagine the challenges our family experienced once she peacefully died in hospice. Adrian’s session allowed participants to begin normalizing discussions on death, provided options during and after life care, and modeled best practices in how to approach end of life decisions. She made it clear that acting sooner, rather than later, would get a much more favorable end of life experience, which we totally agree with. This is information that most mainstream Americans either don’t have access to or don’t know they need. Showcasing this topic in the Leverage Your Life Summit , was the first step in assisting our ‘sandwich’ generation, and in helping elderly family members transition comfortably into those last stages of life.

Carmen, Deirdre & The Team at encoreempire.com

Adrian is the real deal. Compassionate and caring, she guides families through the toughest time in their lives. I am happy to know such a special person and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Donna S.

Beyond being nice to our mother and considerate to our family, what cemented you are not alone elder care as the quintessential elder care service for us was the peace of mind that we received knowing that our mother was able to enjoy the activities she grew to love before her illness as my sister and I were busy taking care of our families States away from our mother. We no longer had to worry about her being safe or lonely. We are exceedingly grateful for Miss Adrian and all the love and care and expertise she bought to us. She personifies the fact that no one will care how much you know until they know how much you care. Our mother was blessed with a tremendous amount of care and love and consideration for which we will always be tremendously grateful.

Charles R

Adrian is an extremely passionate, knowledgeable, supportive, compassionate and just all around wonderful person. She caters her services to the individual needs of her clients. You Are Not Alone Elder Care services is a unique and beautiful service for loved ones and their families.


Adrian provides the best services for my elderly Aunt. She goes above and beyond what our family needs. Since my Aunt has Dementia it can be hard to find someone who can understand and anticipate her needs, Adrian is a pro at knowing exactly how to stimulate my Aunt's mind while providing a loving environment. My Aunt always has great comments about her special time with Adrian. I highly recommend her elder care services.

Shani B