Why should I hire an end of life doula?

Why should I hire an end of life doula?

End of Life Doulas provide will physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional support not only to the individual who is dying, but to their wider family as well.

There are three key areas of support offered by Death Doulas:

Actively engaging the dying person in their death, offering them a voice throughout the process which is all-too-often denied to them – and most importantly acting on and fulfilling their requests, from who should be present at their bedside to what music would make them comfortable.

Often, the greatest fear of the dying is simply no longer being a part of the lives of those they love. This important time, supported by a doula, is a unique opportunity for a dying person to leave something – stories, memories, recordings – that the family will always have to remember their loved one through.

The doula is also there to support the dying person’s family, as a guide through a difficult and perhaps unfamiliar time. Doulas offer families time to rest and see to the other aspects of everyday life, with the reassurance of constant support for their loved one. The doula is also available after the death to help the family in the initial stages of their grief.