There Has Been So Much Death Around Us Lately

There Has Been So Much Death Around Us Lately

There seems to have been so much death around us lately. Everywhere we turn, someone has passed.   It’s natural to reflect on our own death during these times, but it’s important that we don’t let it overwhelm us. My advice is to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST in the best way we can. We are realizing more than ever that our days on this earth are numbered.  Death has been in our families, in our communities and on our TVs, but we must not forget that WE ARE STILL LIVING.

The pandemic has also caused death and sadness to creep into our lives without warning or preparation. Even though we are constantly seeing death, I implore you to  attempt to remember the lives that were lost and celebrate all that they accomplished, alongside mourning them. As much as  we know that death is a natural part of life, the deaths of those we love are always difficult. Cherish your memories and carry them with you.  

In addition to the heartache that comes with death, there can also be  feelings of confusion and frustration around trying to understand the why behind death and it seeming unfair in certain circumstances.  I say ask those questions until you earn your internal peace around them, but please try to remember to keep your heart open for the love of who they were and what they still represent in your life.    My hope is that we don’t ever become desensitized to death but that we use this opportunity to feel our feelings and begin to  talk about death more openly and honestly. 

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