The Difference Between Having a Death Doula vs. Not Having One

The Difference Between Having a Death Doula vs. Not Having One

A lot of people hear the term “doula” and immediately think about childbirth and the person that advocates on behalf of the parents of a new life with the medical professionals. The thing is, doulas aren’t just there for the beginning of a life – they’re there for the end, too. End of life doulas are not medically trained, but they are trained to care for the physically, emotional and spiritual needs of a terminally ill person who needs support and guidance in their current circumstances.

It’s rare that anyone has heard of a death doula, and the main reason for that comes with the taboo that surrounds death in the first place. Whether you want to call them “soul midwives”, “death doulas” or “transition guide”, a death doula can play a pivotal role in the last days of a person who is struggling.

Our current health systems are not always adept at meeting the needs of those who are dying in our communities. They put in place things like hospice care and palliative care, but these services are stretched very thin, with people unable to get the support that they need in the time when they need it the most. A death doula can make a positive difference to the dying and their family, and the quality of life care that they can give can bring peace in a time of turmoil. Families are choosing to put their trust in those who can fill the missing gaps in the healthcare system as it currently stands.

The Benefits Of A Death Doula

Before you can make any significant decisions about end of life care, think about how YANAEC can help. Our elder care and end of life care services are there to make you feel at peace, calm and relaxed during a difficult time. Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring YANAEC’s services:

  • We will listen to you, advocate for you, be with you and support you through the information that you are digesting at this time.

  • A death doula can help you to come to terms with what is ahead for you and your prognosis, reminding you that your life matters and that you matter.

  • We will get to know you as you are while you are alive, holding your hand and providing a level of comfort that you may not be able to receive from your family who are already grieving for you.

  • We will support the highs and the lows, ebbing the flow of grief and elevating the highs of life while it’s being lived.

  • We can advise on how to commemorate a life well lived.

  • Our doulas can lift you up and promote a positive transition during the dying period so that you can relax where you need to and feel at peace as a family unit.

  • The focus is not on the fancy caskets and embalming services, but you and your family as you work through grief.

  • We can guide you through the burial or cremation process, and we can talk you through the process of holding a wake.

Dealing With Death

A death doula can help you to deal with the realities ahead while talking to the healthcare team at your side about your current care. You may never have heard of a death doula, but our professionals are here and ready to support you as you need them. You deserve a peaceful, meaningful death, and we will aim to make you feel worthy, right until the end.

Without a doula, death can be confusing, scary and worrisome for all involved. We want to help you to end the stigma.

About Adrian & The Team

Adrian Allotey is the owner of You Are Not Alone Elder Care, and after being beside her 106-year-old grandmother as she peacefully passed, Adrian has felt her calling as a death doula. Along with her team, Adrian serves as a non-medical elderly companion who specialises in physical, emotional and spiritual care. We meet our clients on their terms, see them as a whole, and build relationships with them and their loved ones.  Call today to find out more.