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How to Live Your Best Life While Facing End of Life” with Doula Adrian Allotey. The summit and session was on March 22, 2021. Death always seems so difficult to talk about. I had a family member that would not, under any circumstances, discuss anything that combined her and death. You can’t imagine the challenges our family experienced once she peacefully died in hospice. Adrian’s session allowed participants to begin normalizing discussions on death, provided options during and after life care, and modeled best practices in how to approach end of life decisions. She made it clear that acting sooner, rather than later, would get a much more favorable end of life experience, which we totally agree with. This is information that most mainstream Americans either don’t have access to or don’t know they need. Showcasing this topic in the Leverage Your Life Summit , was the first step in assisting our ‘sandwich’ generation, and in helping elderly family members transition comfortably into those last stages of life.