Acquinetta L.

The quality of elderly care that Adrian provides for my dad is exceptional. I believe that some people work because it is just a job, while others work out of their passion. Adrian works out of her passion to care for and be present with my dad. My husband and I are my father’s primary caregiver. My father had three strokes two years ago and requires a lot of day-to-day care to ensure that he has a good quality of life. Lately, my husband and I began to feel overwhelmed with taking so many days off of work to take my dad to his doctors’ appointments or therapy sessions, so we had to find a better way of balancing our lives. When my husband and I interviewed Adrian, there was such an immediate connection. She was professional but most importantly she connected with my dad. She has a natural ability to engage with and understand my dad’s felt needs. What I love about the service she provides is her interest in getting to know my dad, not just from a caregiver-to-patient relationship, but her interests lie in something far greater which is understanding my dad as a person and not a client. When she understood that my dad loves gospel songs or likes to eat ice cream or his love for his deceased wife, she was able to tap into that part of him that brings joy by engaging in his areas of interest. This was key to where my dad feels so comfortable in her presence; it is because Adrian works out of her passion. Personally, Adrian has become an extension of me when caring for my dad because she has his best interest at heart. Actually, she is like one of the family. Therefore, I recommend Adrian to anyone who is looking for “exceptional” care for their elderly loved one.