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Looking At Your Own Mortality

Dealing with your own mortality can be a challenging prospect, but approaching death doesn’t have to be an unpleasant or deeply distressing experience. With the right support and care, this sacred journey can be calm, peaceful and tranquil. Although death is the only certainty in life, it can be a subject that people shy away from. Even following a decline in health, you may find that even your closest family and friends find it difficult to acknowledge what’s happening. Whilst making plans a

We at You Are Not Alone Elder Care believe everyone matters and are worthy of validation

We at You Are Not Alone Elder Care believe everyone matters and are worthy of validation. We assess and provide input to ensure quality of life up until the last breath. We affirm everyone is a culmination of their life experiences and not just the place in which they find themselves. We minimize the stressors of the senior years. We are here for you.

YANAEC provides a service. We are not a location nor a placement

YANAEC provides a service. We are not a location nor a placement. We go wherever our clients are; nursing home, assisted living, hospital, home, children’s home, etc.. We help families who have a hard time facing death by facilitating important conversations and providing support and education.

Dame Cicely Saunders

“You matter because you are you, and you matter to the last moment of your life. We will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but also live until you die.” Dame Cicely Saunders


“Sometimes in life we just need someone who will be there for us. Someone who will listen. Someone who will understand us.” Unknown

A good death is recognition that a person is still living until the last breath….living your best life

Death is still a taboo subject in our society – or if not “taboo” something that we don’t want to talk about. Most people, therefore, don’t have a healthy concept of what it’s like to die before it happens, or what constitutes a “good death.” Ask any death doula what a good death means, and they’ll tell you that it is a recognition that a person is still alive until they take their last breath. An individual might have a terminal illness, they may have no prospect of recovery, and they may h

How doulas are helping mothers of color in America?

Doulas are often associated with helping mothers during birth, but historically, they also played a role in helping women at the end of life too, especially in the black community. Mistrust Of The Medical System Among Black Women Currently, many women of color mistrust the medical system in the US. Black women, in particular, are skeptical in accepting the advice of medical practitioners for fear that they may make decisions that aren’t in their best interest. When it comes to end-of-life

Why is You Are Not Alone Elder Care committed to end of life care?

Statistics show that death is the 2nd leading fear in the U.S., but it is an inevitable part of the cycle of life. With the right care, education and support, death can be the natural sacred experience it was meant to be. 9/10 people say they want to be cared for at home if terminally ill, yet half die in the hospital or some other institution. At YANAEC we reinforce that no matter what culture, religion or socioeconomic status, we will all encounter end of life. We are committed to sharing ed