Energy Work For Seniors

Energy Work For Seniors

The term “energy work” has become something of a buzzword in the wellness community. The basic idea is to help align a person’s life forces in a way that makes them feel more energized while cutting their risk of disease and the effects of such. The practice stems from the longstanding Reiki tradition – a therapy that practitioners have been using for thousands of years to restore balance in the body. Energy work for seniors combines traditional ideas of wellness with practical solutions, helping to improve the quality of life for our older loved ones.

What Is Energy Work For Seniors?

Energy work for seniors revolves around the concept of Reiki. Reiki practitioners believe that there is a universal life force that permeates all living beings throughout the universe. Lifestyle and conscious decisions that people make can block this energy from penetrating the body, which can lead to disease.   At the core of this belief is the concept that the body wants to heal itself, just as naturally as the lungs want to breathe or the heart beat. When the body is cut off from the life-giving force, however, it falls into a disease state.  Energy work for seniors involves using tools to re-establish the body’s connection with the life force and enable it to recover.

How Do Elder Helpers Help People Who May Be Suffering?

Practitioners use a variety of techniques to help seniors balance energy in their bodies. The method relies on an understanding of the body’s energy centers. If there’s a disruption in one of them, it can lead to imbalances in both body and mind. Practitioners will often place their hands on the energy centers throughout the body to balance the body’s energy systems (or chakras as they’re sometimes called). By performing these actions in the right combination, a skilled therapist can restore energy balance to the body and help people overcome some of the conditions of aging.