Dear Joan

Dear Joan, We appreciate you reaching out to YANAEC for assistance at a pivotal time of your life.  Taking the time to reflect on your life and plan for your future is not only very responsible of you, it is instrumental in maintaining the quality of life that you are used to and earned thus far.  The preparatory steps that you are taking now are key to lessening stress and fears of the unknown and enhancing joy and security later in life.  As people grow older, they tend to slowly move further and further away from the core of who they are and what they love to do. We educate and empower you to make decisions that are in alignment with who you are. There is freedom available to you and your loved ones when your documents are in order.  Everyone sleeps better knowing what your wishes are.  Taking these steps with YANAEC allows for less fear and guilt and more creativity and enjoyment into your life and in the lives of your loved ones.

Lastly, the trust you placed in our services will be honored, respected, and earned.


You Are Not Alone Elder Care LLC