Author: Adrian Allotey

Dame Cicely Saunders

“You matter because you are you, and you matter to the last moment of your life. We will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but also live until you die.” Dame Cicely Saunders


“Sometimes in life we just need someone who will be there for us. Someone who will listen. Someone who will understand us.” Unknown

A good death is recognition that a person is still living until the last breath….living your best life

Death is still a taboo subject in our society – or if not “taboo” something that we don’t want to talk about. Most people, therefore, don’t have a healthy concept of what it’s like to die before it happens, or what constitutes a “good death.” Ask any death doula what a good death means, and they’ll tell you that it is a recognition that a person is still alive until they take their last breath. An individual might have a terminal illness, they may have no prospect of recovery, and they may h

How doulas are helping mothers of color in America?

Doulas are often associated with helping mothers during birth, but historically, they also played a role in helping women at the end of life too, especially in the black community. Mistrust Of The Medical System Among Black Women Currently, many women of color mistrust the medical system in the US. Black women, in particular, are skeptical in accepting the advice of medical practitioners for fear that they may make decisions that aren’t in their best interest. When it comes to end-of-life

Why is You Are Not Alone Elder Care committed to end of life care?

Statistics show that death is the 2nd leading fear in the U.S., but it is an inevitable part of the cycle of life. With the right care, education and support, death can be the natural sacred experience it was meant to be. 9/10 people say they want to be cared for at home if terminally ill, yet half die in the hospital or some other institution. At YANAEC we reinforce that no matter what culture, religion or socioeconomic status, we will all encounter end of life. We are committed to sharing ed

Why should I hire an end of life doula?

End of Life Doulas provide will physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional support not only to the individual who is dying, but to their wider family as well. There are three key areas of support offered by Death Doulas: Actively engaging the dying person in their death, offering them a voice throughout the process which is all-too-often denied to them – and most importantly acting on and fulfilling their requests, from who should be present at their bedside to what music would make them com

How does You Are Not Alone LLC ensure a positive passing?

“We affirm that the patient isn’t dying but LIVING until the last breath. We support each moment from birth to death being equally valuable. We show up with compassion, care, knowledge and empathy. We love unconditionally.”

Does YANAEC give medications?

No. We are specially trained as non-medical health care professionals for the elderly. We are trained in all three phases of End of Life Care. Based on this extensive training, the we can offer suggestions for comfort to the patient and family.

When should I call YANAEC for an Elder Care Doula or an End of Life Doula?

Sooner rather than later is our motto. One of the most critical mistakes is asking for end of life support too late. People are living with chronic health conditions that require some form of assistance with daily living for 5, 10, 15 years of their life. Allowing YANAEC to help families at this time is invaluable. It also allows us to give the support early and develop relationships prior to heading into an end of life phase. By doing this, we can have all the anticipated needs and support in p

If I hire an End of Life Doula will I still need hospice care?

Yes. hospice manages the care and the loved ones do the caring. The hospice nurse teaches the family how to care for their loved one. Hospice, unfortunately, has a very limited time that they can be at the bedside of the dying. This is where YANAEC fills that need. Hospice also supplies a muti-disciplined team of support and resources, including medication and equipment. YANAEC will guide and advocate for the family based on its extensive end of life education.